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Over an hour we’ll explore the ancient and current practice of Qi Gong (“Qi” is subtle breath or vital energy, and “Gong” cultivation through practice), which has the potential to improve physical and mental health and cultivate the spirit. A series of gentle movements, breath and sound that are practiced standing, help to balance the body’s vital energy and functions. The practice is appropriate for people of all ages and has been used in China for over four thousand years to promote health and longevity. In this session, we’ll embrace the element of water and learn to be flexible and resilient, like the flow of a stream itself.

Qi Gong instructor Carol Chappell, a Woodstock local, began studies of Massage, Tai Qi, and Qi Gong as well as West African Dance in 1976 and continues these fields of practice. Carol currently studies Qi Gong under 103-year-old Master Kwan Sai Hung and assists him in teaching a class in Woodstock. Carol writes, “All Qi Gong exercises relate to the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.”

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This program is part of the 2024 Ashokan Watershed Conference, a series of nature-based experiences surrounding the theme Conservation Through Connection. Visit our website for the full schedule of events. 

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Ashokan Watershed Stream Management Programs are designed for residents and landowners of the Ashokan Watershed. If you are interested in participating despite meeting this criteria, please contact our event administrators. 

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